KRB Personal Training


KRB Personal Training (Special Summer Offer)

Karen A. Reece-Buck Certified Personal Trainer & Specialist


KRB Personal Training is a unique one to one Certified Personal Trainer who will help you achieve your Goals in Life,  whether it is Losing Weight, Building Muscle, Toning, Getting Healthy.  I am here all the way for you. 

No Embarrassing Moments


When you meet me you will realise that I have one thing in common with you,  I have had a weight problem all my life, finally I have beat the cure and been at my Target Weight 7 years now.  Now its your turn. 

Display Real Testimonials

Beverley Robinson A successful Client

Beverley Robinson has lost an incredible 3 stones with me.  I am so proud of her. 

Our journey is still ongoing and we are on our way to Goal.  

Specialist in many areas

Qualified as a Specialist in Many health Areas.

I have studied for 3 years to be firstly a Gym Instructor level 2.  Personal Trainer Level 3, Advanced Nutritional Advisor Level 3. 

I then carried on and studied Level 4 in Lower Back Specialist.  Obesity and Diabetes and GP. Exercise Referal Specialist.  

If you have an injury or pain in your body, then why don‘t you come and see me.  My sessions are not jumping about and making your condition worse.  Its about slowly getting you back to health, having less pain,  aligning your body and flexibility and building your muscles and body up again.  Its a slower process but well worth it.  I have a lot of clients who will testify that I have helped them such a lot.  Changing their lives.  Their pains levels have gone down so much and some have disappeared completely. 

Special offer for Summer £20 1st Session


Come and try a PT or a Specialist session with me for only £20 for your first visit.  

Contact me for details. 

Karen 07903863738

Wow what a transformation


I have helped transform so many people and lives.  Not just with weight loss, but weight gain if they wish.  Building flexibility And Stamina.  Helping lots of clients who have lower bad backs And leg pain.  People who have all over pain and its because their bodies are out of alignment.  I’m here to help you.  

Its in a private environment.  No-one watching you.  Just us.